10 Best Ways to Mentally Get Ready For a Mommy Makeover

Many women decide to get a tummy tuck, liposuction, along with other cosmetic procedures, after having children, to improve their bodies. This combination of procedures is called mommy makeover.  A mommy makeover is an amazing experience, and there’s plenty to be done to

prepare. However, is your mindset ready for what’s ahead? Being mentally as well as physically prepared for a mommy makeover will ensure you have the best results. The following are ten suggestions to ensure you prepare mentally for the procedure.

Do Your Research 

You should research information about a mommy makeover, such as what you need to do to prepare, what the procedure entails, and what to expect during recovery. When you are knowledgeable about the procedure, you will be more at-ease and self-assured throughout the entire process.

Make Sure Your Expectations Are Reasonable

How much do you anticipate your looks changing as a result of a mommy makeover? Setting unrealistic expectations will only end in frustration and misery. Your cosmetic surgeon should be honest about the outcomes you can anticipate. If your surgeon makes unrealistic promises that seem so perfect, you may need to search for another doctor. 

Make Certain You Want It For The Right Reasons

Make sure that you are having a mommy makeover because you desire to have it done and not anyone else. Any type of cosmetic surgery alters your look permanently, so make sure you understand why you’re doing it prior to the procedure.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Patience

You should be aware that you will not appear like a completely different person the day after a mommy makeover. You may have bruises, swelling, and be wrapped in bandages.

The results of the surgery will become clear as your body recovers.  If you aren’t totally pleased with the outcomes, it is important that you are patient. Certain procedures, such as a tummy tuck, may take a couple of months for a complete recovery.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Your overall physical health can aid in the improvement of your mental health. Begin developing basic healthy habits in the weeks prior to your procedure. Get plenty of rest, take walks, drink plenty of water, cut back on alcohol, consume enough fruits and vegetables, and quit smoking. You’ll feel much better knowing that your general health is excellent prior to your mommy makeover.

Ask Questions

You should ask any questions you may have during your initial consultation. So, if you are uncertain about any aspect of the mommy makeover, talk with your cosmetic surgeon.  He or she will address your worries and ensure that all of your questions are completely answered.

Choose a Surgeon You Can Trust

Choosing a highly qualified board-certified surgeon you trust is the most crucial thing you can do to mentally prepare. Make sure your prospective surgeon is truly paying attention to your needs and concerns when you meet with him or her. This will ensure you are at peace knowing you can rely on your surgeon to do what is in your best interest.

You May Get the Blues

For at least a week after a mommy makeover, you may not feel okay mentally. You may feel depressed, remorseful, or uninspired. Just know that this is perfectly normal. After all, your body has just been through a traumatic event.

Recognize that these emotions will eventually fade away. Consult your primary care physician, if your depression does not improve or worsens.

Make Certain You Don’t Want More Children

You chose a mommy makeover to help improve your body after having kids. Becoming pregnant again can negatively impact the results of your procedure, including your tummy tuck and breast lift. Also liposuction surgery results can dissipate during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is why you should wait until you have completed your family prior to having a mommy makeover.

Be Close To A Healthy Weight

A mommy makeover is beneficial for thinning regions of your body shape, but it is not suitable for getting rid of all remnants of fat as well as extra weight. This is why you should work hard to shed the pounds in order to achieve the best results.

Need To Learn More About How You Can Prepare?

To understand more about how you can properly prepare for your Mommy Makeover, consult a local board-certified cosmetic surgeon in your area. They will provide you with the best details about the procedures and what you can do to make your recovery simpler.