Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Most women love seeing themselves looking good. The breast can have a different position and shape because of pregnancy or a weight change. It can also change because of aging and end up sagging too much.

Certified and well-experienced surgeons are always ready to find a solution to the shape of breasts. Here are some of the benefits of having a breast augmentation.

What Are Some Of The Beneficial Reasons For Breast Augmentation?

Before the procedure, it’s essential to know some beneficial reasons. It will also further convince you why you should visit us at O’neil skin and lipo Medical Centre.

1. Enhanced Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is the appearance of a breast section compared to the other parts of the breast. However, some women have an issue with the breast size difference. It can be a very big difference that can be seen from a distance.

Breast Augmentation helps balance both breasts’ shape, size, and appearance. This change affects the confidence and self-esteem of some women. The difference can be so relative that it becomes complicated to shop for clothes.

The best thing is that the patient is the one to choose the best implant that should be used. Therefore this surgery will be very beneficial, and women enjoy seeing the breast in an even position. Consider looking at the before and after photos of O’neil’s successful surgeries.

2. Improved Breast Curves and Volume

Breasts have a beautiful natural-looking shape. However, it is not the same with every woman. Models like having their breasts well curved, especially when advertising certain bras. Every breast has its uniquely natural look.

Some women have too large breasts that may end up sagging. In some cases, it’s too small and doesn’t have a good shape. Breast augmentation involves adding implants to increase the volume and become more round.

3. Bring Out a Youthful Look

One of the benefits of breast augmentation is that old ladies can regain their youthful look. Over the years, the breasts are no longer strong enough to hold themselves up. It will now start sagging and have a changed shape. It also has a decreased volume and stops being round.

The breast augmentation plus the breast lift will enhance the look of the breast of an aged person. When both procedures are done, it is known as breast augmentation mastopexy, and it is well done by our surgeons at O’Neil Skin and Lipo Medical Center.

4. Enhance the Look of the Body Shape and Size

The body does not always have a proportionate size. Some women have well-shaped hips that do not match the shape and size of the breast. As a result, the body does not look well balanced or shaped. The breast implants will help in making the body more proportional.

It helps in reducing the body from looking bottom-heavy or not proportional. The augmentation procedure will help make the body look more attractive and symmetrical. Enjoy the new before and after look on the body after the surgery results.

5. Good Clothing Designs

Some designs only look good on large or well-positioned breasts. Patients undergoing augmentation surgery make it easy to fit into good clothes. Some clothes may not fit when a lady has small or sagged breasts. Additionally, the lady may not feel confident walking around with a dress that is not fitting.

Going through breast augmentation increases confidence in trying on new clothes. It’s because the lady will be happy to see her breasts fully aligned to the design, which will boost her confidence. This medical procedure helps ladies to increase their cloth options.


  • Is There Breast Augmentation For Men?

Yes, they can go for the procedure, which involves the same process as women. An incision is put in the breast to make it look more enlarged. Most men who go for this procedure are either models or aged. The appearance result will still be the same as for women. The procedure is also done for men who want to transition to the female gender.

  • How Long Is The Recovery Process Of Breast Augmentation?

The full recovery is usually between 4 to six weeks after the procedure. However, the recovery period is different depending on the person. It is essential to avoid performing any activities after the surgery for quick recovery.

  • Which Is The Best Age To Go For The Procedure?

American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that breast surgery is mostly done for women as young as 19 and as old as 34.

  • What Are The Dangers Of Going At An Old Age?

The main danger of breast augmentation at an old age is increased pain. The recovery process will also take longer compared to a young person.

  • What Should One Do To Decrease The Recovery Process?

The recovery process will take a maximum of 6 weeks. To reduce this period, the best thing to do is to ensure the patient is constantly communicating with the doctor. It will also help to avoid bending and involving in heavy activities. The patient should also avoid participating in exercises until the breasts are in the desired position.