Deciding on the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

suregeon with patient
Deciding the rigth doctor

Perhaps the one thing that most preoccupies the mind of many people thinking about liposuction, cosmetic nose surgery, or other plastic surgery procedures is the potential results. 

But, in fact, your choice of cosmetic surgeon is more important.

Remember that not every cosmetic plastic surgeon has the skills and capacity to do the procedure successfully and adequately. They must have the skills to do safe procedures and produce aesthetically pleasing results.

Here are some of the top items to look for to help you in your search.


As a rule of thumb, all cosmetic surgeons you interact with should be experts in the field you need the procedure. If it’s liposuction, then your chosen surgeon should excel in the procedure.

Cosmetic surgeries are complex procedures requiring years of training and experience.

Therefore, the physician should have the necessary board certification before they can operate.

Certification ensures the practitioner has the necessary medical skills and can meet the laid down safety requirements.

But that’s far from the only requirement. These professionals should also be active in the industry. Consider professional involvement in the field of specialization.

For example, if the surgeon writes, teaches, or engages in talk shows about the procedure, you know you’re dealing with someone who keeps updated with the latest techniques.

You need the best hands-on your case for the best results.

Experience and Specialization

A cosmetic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery of the breast and body must have more than education and training. They must have experience as well.

Some specialists focus on particular procedures, and they are very good at it. Ideally, the surgeon should be doing your procedure one or several times per week, and they have been at it for more than five years.

Since it’s like an art, a proficient cosmetic surgeon stays in practice to maintain their skills.

Feel free to ask your surgeon about their experience history point-blank during your consultation. If they are reputable and trustworthy, they will have no problem answering these questions.


You want the procedure done in an appropriately accredited facility for your safety.

Accreditation means that the facility meets the strict standards for surgeon credentials, safety, proper equipment, and staffing. Regulations require these facilities to have low mortality rates of less than one in 57,000. Serious complications should be less than half of one percent.

Choosing an accredited facility also means that you want the best quality of care, and that’s what you deserve.

Holistic Doctors

The cosmetic surgeon should also be a doctor that treats you holistically.

Before taking the cosmetic procedure, the surgeon should demonstrate an interest in your medical history. It doesn’t matter whether it’s reconstructive or cosmetic surgery; the surgeon should have knowledge of your medical background during the treatment.

If they don’t, then it’s a red flag. Your health comes before any cosmetic procedure.

Success Stories

A set of gifted hands are not always standard in the complex art of cosmetic surgery.

It’s not always that the story ends well for people going under the knife to enhance a feature.

Indeed, expertise, certification, and experience are essential. But how many success stories does your chosen surgeon have? Are their results exceptional?

Most cosmetic surgeons keep a ‘before and after’ album of previous surgeries they did. Make sure the photos are not more than a year old.


The attitude of the cosmetic surgeon towards clients should be good. They should be personable professionals that make their clients feel good about the procedures, even before they go through with it.

The surgeon must have genuine concern about your feelings, fears, and general wellness. They should be empathic, caring, and compassionate.

It also helps if they are good communicators, amiable, and good listeners. You want someone to listen to your reasons and understand without passing judgments on your decisions.

Some procedures, such as chin augmentation, can complement cosmetic nose surgery. However, some surgeons try to oversell some services even when they don’t complement the initial procedure.

That would mean the surgeon is not listening to you, and you’d be better off with another professional. The ideal is to find a surgeon that sits down with you to define the goals of the procedure.

In conclusion, qualities such as experience, specialization, certification, and success rate are vital for choosing a skilled cosmetic surgeon. But your relationship with the surgeon and their staff also determines the overall outcome and experience. Everything becomes less stressful and more manageable when you know that the surgeon is listening to you.