What Is the Difference between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeons

What Is the Difference between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Getting quality and appropriate medical assistance is part of a developed society. It is often confusing to understand how reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons differ. Many people often think both treatments are the same, which is not true. This sprouts from the fact that when you need any of the two categories of medical attention, it’s the plastic surgeon who attends to you.

Before you hit the nearest hospital for your next procedure, knowing the difference between the two types of surgeons is crucial. For a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in San Diego, visit us to access and offer different ranges of services for both categories of surgeries. Check out some key differences we discovered between cosmetics and reconstructive surgeons.

A reconstructive surgeon aims to repair anomalous body parts that came by because of traumas, diseases, infections, birth, or injuries. The surgeon’s focus is to bring back the body structure and appearance into its normal self. It would help if you talked to your doctor about the area you want to conduct a reconstructive surgery on first because of the aesthetic aspect of the procedure.

A reconstructive surgeon performs the treatment if a health insurance policy covers you. Keep in mind that depending on the quality of your cover, the insurance for any surgery differs. Some of the procedures this type of surgery does include:

  • Breasts reconstruct after a mastectomy
  • Repair of palate
  • Surgeries on hands to remove cysts and tumors
  • Scar revisions and lost tissue surgeries after burns
  • Trauma procedures
  • Neck and head reconstruction
  • Lower limbs reconstruction after major fractures

Occasionally, a reconstructive surgeon will carry out the procedure on a body structure to correct a condition in another area of the body. A great example is breast reconstruction surgery to reduce lower back pains in women.

If you want to improve the appearance of your physical features, you should visit a cosmetic plastic surgeon. A cosmetic surgeon adjusts and reshapes a specific part of the anatomy for aesthetic purposes. This means that surgeons conducting this kind of procedure mostly do it for visual and aesthetic purposes and to revive their patients’ self-esteem and body image. Below are examples of cosmetics procedures.

  • Skin rejuvenation procedures like laser resurfacing and Botox
  • Face rejuvenation such as face and neck lifts
  • Breasts enhancements procedures such as breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast augmentation
  • Body contouring like liposuction and tummy tuck procedures

As a cosmetic patient, you should know that no insurance policy covers the procedures. This is because these body parts are already well functioning, and you just want to improve their appearance. Visit our top-rated plastic surgeons today to get any cosmetic surgery of your choice and maintain healthy skin.

When going for any surgery, you must ensure the surgeon possesses the right board certifications. All board-certified surgeons undergo plastic surgery training in accredited programs. Ultimately, they will safely perform the surgery you desire.


What’s the difference between Cosmetic and reconstructive Surgery?

A surgeon performs cosmetic surgery to achieve the visual benefits his patient desires for confidence. Reconstructive surgery aims at the restoration and improvement of the structure of a patient for medical reasons.

Who Is Best Suited for a Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetics surgery best suits patients who want to enhance their physical appearances and improve how they look. A patient can seek a cosmetics procedure for various reasons. This may be to reshape the contours of one’s face due to excess fats in the body or perhaps to keep their youthful looks in check.

How long does the breast reconstruction procedure take?

Breast reconstruction is a reconstruction surgery that takes up to 6 hours. The doctor has first to perform anesthesia, which may take 2 hours. After that, the patient spends over 3 hours in recovery before getting a transfer to the hospital. In the first few days, you may experience discomfort, but it gets better as the days go by, and after 2 days, you will get a discharge. Although in cases of a flap, you can stay under the hospital care for 6 days

When should I Consider a Breast Reconstruction Procedure?

As a patient, you can consider pursuing breast surgery if the symmetry of one of your breasts is afflicted. You believe it will offer you a sense of psychological contentment, uplift your confidence and self-esteem, or enable you to dress up as you wish.

Why should I consider breast reconstruction surgery?

You can think of seeking the services of a breast reconstruction surgeon if; your past surgical history allows for the procedure, you are not undergoing radiation therapy as it lowers the healing process, and if you are not a smocking to post-surgery issues. Another case where this type of surgery would be detrimental is if you have health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

How do I Choose a Reconstruction Surgeon?

You can know the right plastic surgeon for you if they have previous experience performing breast augmentation, possess the right certification and training, and how comfortable you are around them.