Are You an Ideal Candidate for a Facelift?

neck lift and facelift surgery

A facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a surgical cosmetic procedure involving the elevation of facial skin and the tightening of the underlying facial muscles and tissues. A facelift can definitely help you enhance your youthful appearance by improving your face’s shape and the tightness of the skin. 

But before then, what makes you the ideal candidate for a facelift? Read on for further insight.

Good Health

Your general health primarily determines your candidacy for a facelift procedure. Since a surgical facelift is an invasive procedure, it’s imperative to be in good health. Your facelift surgeon may conduct a pre-surgery medical examination, whereby you should disclose any pre-existing medical conditions. That information helps your surgeon learn whether the process may lead to any risks and if the facelift is right for you.

Good health also implies that you can heal and recover fast after the facelift. The procedure often requires significant healing and recovery time, but healthier people tend to heal better. Also, being in the best possible health significantly improves the aesthetic outcome.

Elastic, Soft, Supple Skin

Your skin structure should still be relatively flexible, elastic, and supple with the ability to bounce back when pinched. While these traits naturally lessen as you age, the more elastic your skin is, the better the results may be.

That may not be so if you’re a smoker. Smoking damages your skin by depriving it of nutrients and oxygen through reduced blood flow.

Besides, the deprivation of nutrients and oxygen may also affect the healing and recovery process. Therefore, it’s advisable to quit smoking before a facelift surgery and after the procedure until you fully recover.

A Balanced Facial Bone Structure

Ideal results often come from patients with a balanced facial bone structure. That’s because the bone structure plays a role in defining your facial aesthetics. Any imbalance may result in an undesired outcome after a facelift.

For instance, you can fix an asymmetrical face via a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) if you have an imbalance on your nose or a genioplasty (chin surgery) to restructure your chin. Once you attain face symmetry, you’ll be one step closer to being the perfect candidate for facelift surgery.

Realistic Expectations of the Outcome

A facelift surgeon may rule you in or out as a candidate for the surgery by assessing your expectations. Remember that a facelift can only enhance your youthfulness and not change your look. It will only tighten your skin and may not rectify or correct any underlying facial bone issues. If you’re leaning towards getting a complete makeover rather than a revamp, this might not be the procedure for you. But if all you’re looking for is enhanced facial features, a facelift can make you appear ten years younger.

To sum it up, money matters shouldn’t be an obstacle to getting facelift surgery. You have the option to finance this procedure through low affordable monthly payments. It’s possible to get a facelift whenever you want and pay for it later with financial help!