How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Procedure Cost?

Rhinoplasty cost is a frequently asked question — and it’s an important one to inquire about. When looking for a cosmetic surgeon to perform rhinoplasty, you should search for one that is experienced, board-certified, provides reasonable prices, and has outstanding results. Therefore, it’s critical that they are completely open about the costs of the procedure. Operating room fees, surgeon’s fees, and anesthesia fees are, typically, all included in the total cost of rhinoplasty surgery.

Operating Room Cost

Woman undergoing rhinoplasty

The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Huntsville has been in operation for over 20 years and is a completely accredited surgical center that meets all surgical and safety standards. <br>The operating room cost, which is included in the cost of a rhinoplasty, covers the medication, sterile equipment, and tools used throughout the entire procedure.

One advantage of having rhinoplasty done at a cosmetic surgery center rather than a hospital is that the surgical staff are experts in particular cosmetic surgery procedures. Also, it is less expensive. If you were to get a rhinoplasty procedure at a hospital instead of a cosmetic surgery center,  the cost of it would be much higher. A typical operating room cost for this procedure at Cosmetic Surgery Center of Huntsville is between $1,100 and $1,400.

Surgeon’s Cost

The fee charged by the cosmetic surgeon includes their time and is determined by their competence in undertaking rhinoplasty surgery. The cost also helps to support the surgical staff and the operation of the surgery center.

It is crucial not to choose a less expensive cosmetic surgeon merely because their prices are much cheaper. No part of your body, including your nose, should be used as a commodity. The cost of rhinoplasty is primarily determined by the number of times you’ve had the procedure.

If the first rhinoplasty procedure does not produce the desired results, a subsequent surgery may be required. A second rhinoplasty procedure can resolve aesthetic issues as well as functional issues.

The surgeon’s cost for an initial rhinoplasty is roughly around $7,900. However, the approximate cost for a subsequent rhinoplasty is around $11,000.

The surgeon’s cost for a subsequent rhinoplasty differs greatly because the patient may have already had three revision procedures. Also, it is much more challenging with each revision procedure.

Another aspect that can raise the price of rhinoplasty is if extra cartilage from other parts of the body is needed for the nose. Every now and then, in initial rhinoplasty and quite frequently in the revision procedure, the patient’s rib cartilage or ear cartilage is utilized.

Cost of Anesthesia

General anesthesia is typically used during a rhinoplasty. This enables people to rest through the operation and remain free of pain or discomfort. Other anesthesia can be used, such as local anesthesia, if the patient has specific potential complications. Anesthesia can cost anywhere between $850 and $950 on average.

When Does Rhinoplasty Get Covered By Insurance?

Specific functional concerns with the nose can be addressed during rhinoplasty procedures. 

Since operating room costs, as well as the cost of anesthesia, may be partially covered by health insurance for certain aspects of the surgery, this can lower the overall cost. During your initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will help you determine if you are eligible for insurance coverage. If your surgeon recommends additional procedures to reach your goals, it will be discussed as well. For instance, if you wish to improve your eyes, eyelid surgery can also help boost the appearance of your face.


If you’ve decided to get rhinoplasty but aren’t sure how much it will cost, the overall cost includes the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, and operating room fees. The entire cost might be as much as $12,000. Unfortunately, health insurance will only pay for the procedure if the cost incurred is due to medical reasons. Consult your cosmetic surgeon about the cost of the procedure and whether it is covered by insurance.