Breast Augmentation: The Right Time to Undergo Breast Surgery.

woman showing her new breasts after breast augmentation

Do you want breast implants but aren’t sure how to go unnoticeable? Many women are excited to show off their new breasts to their friends and family members. Others, on the other hand, may be hesitant to reveal that they’ve had breast enhancement. Some people end up even removing their implants because it wasn’t what they expected. You can avoid that if you don’t want others to know, that’s your choice. In fact, concealing your breast surgery is easier than you think. The following are some ideas for keeping your recovery private.

Consider When to Schedule Your Breast Augmentation

The time in which you have a breast augmentation procedure can make a huge impact on how they can remain hidden. For instance, it is best to have it done during the cooler months of the year. Colder months will make it easier to hide your breast size with bulkier apparel. However, if you are currently a student or instructor, it is best to have breast augmentation during the summer when you are out on break.

Plan Appropriate Time Off Work In Advance

It is highly advised that you take at least seven days off if you have a job that requires sitting most of the day. This will give you plenty of time to have the procedure, rest for a few days, and allow time for the pain to subside before returning back to work. It is best to plan for surgery around the holidays. This will have your coworkers assuming that you are visiting relatives.

If your job requires physical exertion, you’ll need to take additional time off to ensure your wounds heal properly. Don’t be in a hurry to return to work and jeopardize your health, in an attempt to conceal your new breasts. If you don’t want to take too much time off, consult with your plastic surgeon. He or she can advise you on the best course of action for your breast augmentation recovery.

Prepare Ahead to Prevent Unpleasant Circumstances

It is best to plan ahead of time. For example, you don't want to run into a coworker at the store if your breasts aren't completely healed. You should also fill any post-operative medications prior to surgery. Also, don't forget about any plans you have with your children or other family members a few days after surgery.

Select Your Post-Op Outfit Carefully

When it comes to choosing your clothing, the type of outfit you pick will determine how noticeable your breasts are. Investing in loose-fitting shirts with a moderate neckline and a standard bra can help you hide your breast augmentation. However, if you purchase V-neck tops, it will make it harder for you to conceal your brand new boobs.

When you have adjusted to your breasts, progressively integrate more shape-fitting clothing. Because most patients have firm and noticeable nipples as their breasts recover, purchase nipple covers to hide them.

Be Reasonable About Your Desired Implant Size

If you are worried about hiding your breast augmentation, you shouldn’t significantly increase the size of your breasts. Nonetheless, it is critical to focus on the long-term outcomes you desire and can achieve with various implant options. If you have very small breasts but decide to increase their size to a DD cup, it will be difficult to conceal them. If the implants complement the rest of your body, they will look more proportional and natural-looking.

You may want to also take into account low-profile implants if you want to keep them a secret and to appear more natural. Be sure you talk with your cosmetic surgeon to discuss any questions or concerns. He or she will discuss the best implant size that fits your body shape or even suggest breast lift surgery, if necessary.