Mommy Makeover: A Deeper Look at How the Surgery Is Performed in 2022

Middle aged woman with excess skin

Are you a woman who has been through pregnancy and breastfeeding but wishes to regain your pre-pregnancy figure? Don’t worry. 

A Mommy Makeover in San Diego might be exactly what you need. It is a descriptive term referring to one of the current most fashionable and accepted combination plastic surgery methods. It features a design that specifically addresses common concerns that women who have had children face. 

This insightful article looks deeper at how doctors perform the Mommy Makeover procedures. So keep reading.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck treats a flabby abdomen resulting from poor skin elasticity, fat, excess skin, and the inner girdle connective tissue and abdominal muscles stretching.

The procedure includes:

  • Removing much of the fat and skin between your pubic hair and belly button
  • Using sutures to tighten the fascia overlying the abdominal muscles
  • Repositioning the skin surrounding your belly button and through a small incision
  • Using sutures to close the incision running from hip to hip

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift treats uneven and sagging breasts, drooping nipples, stretched areolas and decreased breast volume.

Here is how your doctor will perform the procedure:

  • You will first receive a blend of intravenous sedation and local anesthesia or a general anesthetic
  • Then your surgeon will skin incisions on target points
  • The surgeon then reshapes and repositions the breast tissue and removes excess skin.
  • The doctor then repositions the areola and nipple to a more youthful location
  • The remaining skin is tightened while the incisions are closed with sutures layered deep within your breast tissue to hold your newly shaped breasts
  • Recovery is fast. Whe have some articles where you can learn more about breast lift recovery

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that helps treat disproportionately large breasts that cause rashes, pain, skeletal deformities, breathing problems, or low self-esteem during and after pregnancy.

Here is how your surgeon will perform the procedure:

  • The surgeon will make breast incisions before removing excess glandular tissue, skin, and tissue surgically
  • You may receive general anesthesia or intravenous sedation based on your doctor’s recommendation
  • After deciding on the perfect incision option for you, the surgeon will make the incision, perform a nipple repositioning and probably reduce your areola by skin excising at the perimeter
  • The surgeon will then reduce, lift and shape your underlying breast tissue before bringing the incisions together to reshape your now smaller breasts — the layered sutures within your breast tissues will support the breasts
  • The doctor closes the skin with skin adhesives, surgical tape, or sutures

Breast augmentation (Augmentation Mammaplasty)

Breast augmentation helps you restore or increase breast size using saline implants, fat grafting, or silicone gel implants.

  • When using implants, your doctor begins by making an incision and then lifts the breast tissue to create a pocket in your breast/chest region — the surgeon then places a silicone or saline gel implant.
  • Your surgeon places the implant in a pocket beneath the pectoral muscle between your chest wall and breast tissue
  • And lastly, your surgeon will wrap you in a surgical compression bra or a gauze bandage
  • The recovery of this procedure is quick and soon you will be able to progresively get back to your rutine and excersice can be resumed

Bottom line

Remember, the first step to a Mommy Makeover body contouring procedure is visiting your plastic surgeon and determining the most appropriate one for you. You may also desire to enlarge your breasts and make them less droopy. Or you may want to maintain your breast mound’s roundness and projection if your drooping is severe. In those cases, your specialist may recommend a combination of breast lift and breast augmentation.