The Benefits of Mommy Makeovers

Motherhood is among the most priceless experiences. The whole process is phenomenal, from meeting your little one for the first time to watching them bloom into productive members of society. 

However, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can alter your body in many ways. For instance, you may experience sagging breasts or excess fat on the abdomen coupled with weak muscles. 

Most mothers don’t revert to their pre-baby shape after childbirth. But thanks to Mommy Makeover procedures, women have a chance to improve the “altered” physical changes that linger after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

Did you know that Mommy Makeovers have been around for decades

They may involve several cosmetic procedures, including liposuction, breast lift, breast augmentation, and a tummy tuck. 

Here are some benefits you can accrue from the common combination plastic surgery procedures, better known as Mommy Makeovers.

Enjoy an All-In-One Package

A Mommy Makeover involves several surgical procedures at one time. You can fix your breasts, the stubborn mommy pooch, and sagging skin, all in one surgery. That may save time, as the number of appointments could be fewer. Also, you’ll eliminate the hassle that comes with multiple insurance and billing processes since you’ll clear your bill once. Another thing to think about is the recovery time, with the usual healing time of a Mommy Makeover being between four and six weeks. However, the recovery time may extend up to several months if you choose to handle the surgical procedures separately rather than go with the all-in-one package. As a busy mom with kids, one recovery time may be all you can afford.

Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks

Another advantage of a Mommy Makeover is the potential to eliminate stretch marks, one of the most common post-pregnancy effects. This is because a good portion of stretched skin is usually removed during a tummy tuck procedure.

Stretch marks can negatively affect a woman’s self-confidence by making them self-conscious. You wouldn’t catch them wearing a bikini even in their dreams!

While some women have succeeded in getting rid of the stretch marks with ointments, others may have to resort to surgical procedures. A liposuction and tummy tuck may be all that’s needed to eliminate excessive fat, loose skin, and stretch marks in the abdominal areas for a flawless, bikini-ready body.

Restore Your Confidence

It’s typical for women to feel less attractive after the immense physical transformation during and after pregnancy. That can have a toll on your self-image and confidence. You may find that some clothes don’t fit, while others reveal flaws.

Getting a Mommy Makeover will help you bounce back to your former body shape.

Women who undergo Mommy Makeovers often have a new sense of body confidence as they start feeling and looking their best. Also, pursuing a Mommy Makeover will help you focus on other aspects of your life besides your physical appearance.

Psychological Benefits

Besides drastic physical changes, Mommy Makeovers have far-reaching psychological advantages. 

Researchers found that weight gain during pregnancy can impact a woman psychologically, causing depression and even the loss of sex drive. Addressing the physical concerns via a Mommy Makeover will restore the woman’s self-esteem and ultimately reverse the psychological problems.

Any woman unhappy with their post-pregnancy body may benefit from a Mommy Makeover. 

While this is the most comprehensive way to improve your physique, other people choose to undergo just a tummy tuck.

All you need is a certified and experienced surgeon to ascertain successful results.