What Can I Expect During Recovery After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

woman in the beach after a BBL

Although exercise and healthy eating can help shape your body, they aren’t always sufficient to accomplish a certain objective, such as bigger boobs or a rounder rear. Although breast and butt implants have been accessible for decades, surgery to obtain a larger, shapelier but without implants has grown in popularity in recent years.

The Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL procedure, is an alternate but popular cosmetic treatment that uses a minimally invasive process to shape and volumize your posterior. Brazilian butt lift surgery, regardless of its name, has nothing to do with Brazilian culture. It is, instead, a tribute to the Brazilian surgeon who originally completed the cosmetic surgery. This cosmetic procedure increases the size of the buttocks by removing extra fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the glutes.

How Does the Procedure Work?

You may be wondering what to expect after the procedure because there is a recuperation period, as with any cosmetic treatment. Continue to read to learn more about a BBL and what to expect during the recovery process..

It’s critical to understand how this technique works if you’re new to it. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat transfer operation, unlike butt implants, which need the placement of a prosthetic implant to achieve the desired shape.  Liposuction is used to get rid of fat from the tummy, waist, and thighs, and then the fat cells are treated and purified before being injected into the buttocks to get the ideal volume and shape. 

What to Expect Right After a BBL

A short amount of time will be spent in the recovery room after the surgery. During this time, you will also be given post-procedure guidelines, a pain medicine prescription, as well as a compression garment before being discharged. It’s fairly usual to have discoloration, edema, and soreness for a few days after your Brazilian Butt Lift, both at the liposuction area and at the site of injection. There may also be a little quantity of fluid leaking from the sites, which may be pink or crimson in color due to the presence of blood. This is natural and not cause for concern, but if it appears to be excessive, you can always contact your plastic surgeon. After a few days, any draining, soreness, or discoloration should go away, and you should be able to get back to your normal routine.

Extended Recovery Following Your Brazilian Butt Lift

It’s critical to follow your plastic surgeon’s advice for the first two months after your treatment to avoid harm and achieve the greatest potential outcomes including the below recommendations.

Utilizing a Compression Bandage 

You’ll need to wear a compression bandage around the location where liposuction was performed. This will help decrease swelling and soreness, but it also hastens the healing or recovery process, as well as enhances the end outcome by promoting skin retraction.

Avoid Resting On Your Posterior

You must not sit on your buttocks for at least two weeks. This is primarily for your own comfort, however, it is also vital for your outcomes. This includes resting on your side, laying on your belly, or sitting on a special cushion, and sleeping on your side or tummy. Sitting firmly on the surgical site can cause blood circulation to halt, causing the fat cells infused into the site to die. Minimizing lengthy periods of sitting, keeping modest movement throughout the day, and utilizing an expandable pillow or pad can all help you get better results.

Avoid Vigorous Activity

It is important that you be careful not only in the way you sit but also in how much you move. It is important that you be careful not only in the way you sit but also in how much you move. High-impact activities that may excessively move the surgical site should be avoided for a little over a month to enable the fat cells to settle. Running, aerobic exercise and gymnastics are all examples of this. A month following your Brazilian butt lift, gentler activities such as yoga and walking can typically be undertaken.

Cost of a BBL

The cost of a Brazilian buttlift varies depending on your specific circumstance. Based on a number of factors, such as your unique needs and aesthetic aspirations, costs may rise or fall. In fact, a Brazilian Butt Lift cost can range from $8,000 to $15,000. You will learn about the cost of your procedure after consulting with a cosmetic surgeon who is board-certified with many years of experience.

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A Brazilian Butt Lift may be perfect for you if you want a fuller, rounder, more beautiful rear. Schedule a consultation in your area  to discover more about the procedure and receive individualized recommendations.