Tips to Consider When Sleeping After Breast Augmentation

Meta Description: Learn about the various tips for getting good sleep after breast surgery. Good sleep in a proper sleeping position will improve the recovery rate from the surgery. Continue reading to get more information.

Proper Sleep After Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgeries are becoming quite popular. A particular study reports that 60% of the breast surgeries in the US have been done for cosmetic purposes. Sometimes, the recovery becomes quite scary, making you get troubled sleep. With good sleep, you can regulate inflammation and stimulate tissue repair to improve the rate of healing.

Below we discuss the best sleeping position and tips to enhance sleep and recovery after breast surgery. The article will also outline some crucial hacks for getting into a sound sleep during the recovery process of breast surgery. However, let’s first look at the importance of sleep.

Importance of Sleep After a Breast Augmentation

Sleep is necessary to recover from breast surgery and other types of surgeries. Besides relaxing and avoiding heavy activities, you should consider getting deep, sound sleep. When sleeping, the body moves into a healing state and works a lot in repairing the damaged tissues to rejuvenate itself.

Blood flow in the tissues increases, bringing oxygen and other nutrients to the injured areas to stimulate healing. Your body releases many hormones like prolactin when you are sleeping, and such hormones are responsible for regulating inflammation and promoting tissue repair.

The Best Sleeping Position After a Breast Surgery

You need to sleep on your back in an elevated position the first few days after a breast augmentation surgery. The back position keeps the breasts in their natural position, minimizing swelling while improving circulation. Besides, it ensures that you can comfortably get out of your bed without straining your chest and arm muscles.

In addition to sleeping in the back position, consider using extra pillows to add to your support. Place a pillow under every arm to keep the body intact and prevent it from rolling over. If you find your bed too uncomfortable to sleep on, you may consider sleeping on a recliner.

You may be able to sleep on your stomach a few weeks after the first healing stage. At this time, your doctor may allow you to sleep on your side and provide other sleeping recommendations after surgery to enhance your safety.

Preparing for a Sleep After a Breast Augmentation Surgery

You will feel worn out after breast surgery, but this is very normal. However, you might be having trouble with your sleep since the feeling is not conducive to getting good sleep. Below are a few insights on how you can prepare yourself during the first few days.

Practice Sleeping on Your Back

You must sleep on your back after breast surgery, as advised by your doctor. If you are a stomach or side sleeper, the position might be tough to master. For this reason, you might need to practice the new back sleeping position lest you might take longer to recover.

Wear Compression Garments

Your plastic surgeon will give you some compression garments after the procedure. These linens reduce swelling to ensure that you recover a little bit earlier. They also minimize breast movements and reduce incisions’ tension which helps you get a good sleep.

Move the Body

You should get up and move your body from the first day of your breast surgery. It reduces the chances of your blood clotting while curbing the pain and stiffness of staying in a single position all day long. Consider taking regular walks around your home and do them more frequently as you heal. You can also incorporate light stretching workouts to help you get a good sleep and improve your recovery process.

Do Relaxing Activities Before Retiring to Bed

It would help if you considered doing relaxing activities such as listening to music or a podcast, reading a book, or taking a warm shower a few hours before sleeping. Such activities help relax the body and mind, which is essential for getting good sleep.

Avoid taking stimulating substances such as alcohol and caffeine as they will disrupt your sleep. Also, avoid screen time as much as possible and always apply a blue light filter if you have to do it.

Tips for Quick Recovery After a Breast Surgery

  • Please do not limit the number of extra pillows, as they are essential to keeping your body aligned.
  • Carefully and quickly reposition your body to the sleeping position if you accidentally roll over.
  • When sleeping, always use a supportive bra to ease incision tension and keep the breasts upright.
  • Follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully, as it is vital in your recovery process.

Key Takeaways

Sleep is quite essential when recovering from breast surgery. It keeps the body relaxed, which is necessary for tissue healing and rejuvenation. Sleep improves blood circulation, ensuring that the injured tissues receive abundant oxygen for a quick recovery. After breast augmentation, the best sleeping position is sleeping on your back to ensure that the breasts stay in their natural place.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

Will the Surgery Change My Nipple Sensation?

You might lose your nipple feeling or sensation after a breast surgery though this is very rare, and the feeling comes back after about a year. However, 15 women in every hundred lose their senses forever.

Can I Work After Breast Surgery?

You can work or fail to work after getting surgery on your breasts. It all depends on the type of your job and its physical demands. If it is very demanding, avoid it for the first two weeks after the procedure. Also, do not lift anything over 5lbs during the first six weeks.

Is the Procedure Painful?

You may feel moderate pain during and after a breast augmentation procedure. The pain is controllable with medication for the first two weeks after the process. Talk to your surgeon if you feel intense, severe pain during the recovery period, as it may indicate another complication or infection.