Top 3 Benefits of Corrective Labiaplasty

woman after labiaplasty surgery

Corrective labiaplasty procedures are used to create balance in the unequal rim of the labia or to eliminate extra tissue that wasn’t removed during a previous labiaplasty. Even though incompetent surgeons are more likely to produce poor labiaplasty results, board-certified surgeons can occasionally produce a poor outcome due to miscalculations and poor technique. In some cases, the patient’s anatomy may be complex, making it difficult for the board-certified cosmetic surgeon to achieve the best results. In other cases, the patient may move too much too soon during recovery.

The primary advantage of a corrective labiaplasty is an improvement in the look of the genital area. This increases a woman’s confidence level during intimacy and when wearing certain clothing, such as leggings or even swimsuits. 

However, in addition to enhancing the look of the external female genitalia, corrective labiaplasty has several other significant advantages, which are listed below.

Better Hygiene

When your labia is too large, it can be challenging to completely wash your vaginal area, allowing bacteria to thrive. Bacteria live in dark, moist areas, so if it is hard to clean the genital area, it can lead to infections and other problems. Because of the abundance of bacteria, women with oversized vaginal labia frequently have urinary tract infections (UTIs).

When your external genitalia is the proper size, it is much simpler to keep them clean. 

You’ll be less prone to urinary tract infections and other bacterial infection-related conditions. This will ensure you are healthy, happy, more energetic, and able to take part in more events or activities.

Comfortable Participating In Activities

Tasks in which your labia is in contact with can be very uncomfortable just as with clothing that’s too tight. This can include riding a bicycle, or even a horse. These activities can be very painful when your labia minora is elongated.The skin on the interior labia is highly delicate and can be irritated by friction. Sometimes running can cause excruciating pain due to friction burns.  However, with corrective labiaplasty, you will not have to give up your favorite activities when this issue can be fixed.

Besides activities, corrective labiaplasty can make sexual intercourse more enjoyable. Women with oversized labia frequently experience significant pain during intimacy due to the size of their labia minora. However, with corrective labiaplasty, it will relieve any discomfort during sex while also boosting your confidence level. When it comes to sexual intercourse, this surgical procedure will truly ensure you will have a much more pleasurable experience.

More Comfortable Clothing

Enlarged labia minora can be humiliating when wearing specific kinds of clothes, but they can also be painful. For instance, swimsuits are crafted to snuggle your curves tightly, which implies the garment will firmly hug the skin including the lips of the vagina. Swimsuits can irritate or even cause pain when it rubs against your labia. This problem can be solved by tucking your lips between your exterior lips during corrective labiaplasty.

Will Anesthesia Be Used During The Procedure?

You should be able to have corrective labiaplasty without a need for general anesthesia. It also depends on how much pain you can tolerate. To avoid the risks related to general anesthesia, most people would rather have local anesthesia. So, whether you have local or general anesthesia is entirely up to you. During your initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will discuss your needs in order to decide which kind of anesthesia is suitable for you.


There are a lot of questions regarding the benefits of corrective labiaplasty and the procedure itself. As listed below, this revision procedure will make clothing and activities, such as biking, more comfortable and less painful. This corrective procedure will also make cleaning the external genital area easier. Contact your local cosmetic surgeon if you have enlarged labia. They will go over the procedure in detail and answer any questions or concerns you may have.