Top 3 Factors That Will Determine The Longevity of Your Breast Lift

Do you want a more younger-looking bust size? Sagging breasts can be caused by factors associated with age as well as heredity. By eliminating extra skin and enhancing its shape, a breast enhancement or a breast lift surgery can restore voluptuous dimensions to your breasts.

The results of a breast lift can last a lifetime. However, the procedure has no effect on halting the effects of aging. You may eventually notice that your breasts are sagging. Your cosmetic surgeon may then advise you to have another breast lift to maintain your ideal cosmetic outcomes. Continue reading to find out how long the effects of a breast lift last.

Duration of a Breast Lift

There is no easy way to determine whether the results of  your procedure will last a long time. Some patients report that their results last for more than 15 years, whereas others may need minor breast changes earlier. Breast lift effects typically last for a decade or sometimes more.

Factors That Influence the Longevity of Your Breast Lift

Condition of Your Skin

Heredity and the environment plays a major role in the way your skin ages. Your diet is crucial to your breast lift results. It will keep the skin of your breasts healthy and vibrant looking. It will also prevent them from sagging again. Eating a plant-based diet and not processed foods can help to maintain good skin health and the outcome of your breast lift procedure.

Your way of life is also vital to the longevity of your breast lift. You should avoid excessive sun exposure and tobacco use. They can harm the elastin as well as collagen in the skin of your breasts. By avoiding these, it can help keep your breast from sagging and maintain your results for years to come.

Support of Your Breasts

Gravity is not your friend when it comes to keeping your breasts in place after a breast lift. It is necessary that you  keep your breasts from stretching. This can be done by wearing a supportive bra. It will also help stop premature drooping of the breasts.

A supportive bra will aid in prolonging the results of your breast lift procedure. However, any other type of bra will cause your breast to sag once again. This is particularly true if you participate in physical activities, since the movement elevates the gravitational effects on your breast tissue. So, you should invest in the proper bra to assist and maintain the results of your breast lift.

Cosmetic Procedure

A breast lift can be done in more than one way. Some cosmetic surgeons use advanced techniques to achieve long-lasting results.  He or she will provide results that meet your specific needs. Some patients only require one appointment while others require multiple appointments. It depends on the type of results you are looking for. In some instances, a combination of surgical procedures can enhance your appearance.

Changes In Weight and Childbirth

If you intend to have more kids, you should wait on having your breast lift. Childbirth brings about substantial hormonal changes as well as the possibility of weight gain. By deferring your procedure, you can relish in having excellent and long-lasting results


To help maintain your results, your cosmetic surgeon will give you clear instructions that must be followed.  Investigating, discussing, and making a decision on a surgical procedure is necessary for your expectations and will be important to the results of your breast lift. Talking with your cosmetic surgeon about your goals and the results they’ve seen in the past can help you decide on your breast procedure. Everyone is unique, as are their outcomes. However, considering the factors above, such as breast support, taking care of your skin, and the type of breast lift procedure, can help you extend the life-span and integrity of your results. It will also sustain your revitalized appearance.