Understanding the Optimal Breast Augmentation Age


Understanding the Optimal Breast Augmentation Age

Are your breasts sagging, making you lose your feminine and youthful figure? Are you unhappy about the condition, and would you like to reverse it? If so, a good option would be breast augmentation surgery. The surgery aims at restoring the shape of your sagging boobs to give you a more feminine shape.

Between 2017 and 2018, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recorded an increased rate of breast augmentation by 4%. Saline implants we reported to be 88% of the total procedures, while gel implants carried the remaining percentage. Below, we will discuss the best age for getting a breast implant and the various factors to consider before getting it. Read on!

The Minimum Breast Augmentation Age

Generally, there is no legal age for getting breast augmentation surgery. However, doctors are required by the FDA guidelines for breast Augmentation only to perform surgeries involving saline on 18 years and older ladies. A silicone gel implant is only recommended when the victim is over 22 years.

If you are relatively young and interested in a breast implant, the doctor may consider some factors such as age, expectations, emotional maturity, health, and more before operating on you.

In most cases, as a youngster, you may fail to understand the procedure’s impact on your life thoroughly. Perhaps, you are not even aware of the possibility of a replacement or revision in the future. In addition, you may experience unwanted size changes on your breasts if you get an implant when they are yet to develop.

The Ideal Breast Augmentation Age

Every woman has unique features and different perfect breast augmentation ages. Instead of focusing much on the exact proper age for an implant, you should first determine the importance of getting it. Try to answer the following questions before opting for a breast augmentation.

  • Do you desire to have children in the future?
  • What are your goals for the surgery?
  • Don’t you care about weight fluctuations?

Typically, it would help if you considered getting your breasts implanted in your 30s and 40s after they become loose and saggy due to breastfeeding, pregnancy, and aging. However, you can still do it at any age bracket if you want to restore your attractive feminine figure.

Getting a Breast augmentation at 50

You are still eligible for a breast implant even in your 50s. However, you should understand that you may take longer to heal if you have your breasts operated on at this age. Before the surgery, ensure that you are in good health and understand the procedure’s potential risks.

Guidelines for Breast Augmentation

As a teen, you should wait until you are eighteen to get breast surgery unless circumstances force you otherwise. Your body develops fully in your late teenage, probably between eighteen and twenty-one years. The growth affects the size of the breasts; thus, you should consider getting an implant when the body is not susceptible to any development.

Your emotional health is another factor to consider. Due to emotional immaturity, you may sometimes fail to commit to your implants as a youngster completely. If you fail to follow the surgeon’s rest recommendations, you may interfere with the expectations.

Another factor to consider before getting a breast augmentation is the consent of your parents. They need to authorize the surgery if you are below eighteen years.

At puberty, you are undoubtedly uncomfortable with the changes happening in your body. You may experience dysphoria, which is not necessarily treated using a physical solution. It eases with time after several sessions of counseling. However, you may still get an implant if you are unhappy with your appearance in your early twenties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

Is it Risky to Have Breast Augmentation?

Different surgeries have different forms of complications. However, it is generally safe to have breast augmentation surgery. Some of the side effects after the procedure are scars, loss of the feeling of your nipple, and wound infections.

How Do You Determine the Right Implant Size?

There are various breast implant shapes, teardrop and round. The best option depends on the structure of your body; your surgeon will help you find the right implant size and shape.

Can I Breastfeed After the Surgery?

Sometimes, breast augmentation surgery may affect your ability to produce milk in the future. The type of incision significantly impacts the issue on your breasts during the surgery. If the incision is just below the nipples, you may have trouble producing milk in the future than when the incision is in the armpit or under the breasts.

Will My Implants Feel as Lively as My Natural Breasts?

Generally, gel breast implants feel more lively than saline implants. A medium implant can also have a more realistic feeling considering it does not stretch the skin much. Similarly, your breast implants will feel natural when covered with more flesh.

If you have a fuller figure, consider getting large implants that feel much more lively. Whether your implants will feel much like your natural breasts depends on the implant’s size, type of implant, and size of your natural breasts.

Key Takeaways

Depending on the circumstances, breast augmentation can be performed on any lady of any age bracket. However, the FDA has instructed that saline implants should only be done on ladies aged eighteen years and above, while a gel implant is ideal for those over 22 years.

The best age to have breast augmentation will depend on your reasons for having an implant and your desire to have kids in the future. You should first discuss the idea with a qualified physician to determine if the procedure is the best option.