Why Men Should Consider Having A Facelift

male facelift

Men are increasingly choosing facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) to achieve a younger, more refreshed appearance. Male facelifts have grown by 45 percent since 2012. One of the reasons for this trend is that men are working much longer and want to appear their best amid younger colleagues in a competitive environment.

In addition, face lifting procedures have advanced substantially in recent years. To get a longer-lasting, more natural-looking effect, a facelift goes deeper to physically raise the underlying facial features – not merely tightening loose skin.

What Is A Male Facelift?

The best cosmetic surgery for an aging face is a facelift nowadays. A skillful surgeon can remove wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and misplaced fat pockets during one brief but very complicated treatment. In terms of style, a facelift is comparable to a time portal.

Men who want a facelift often observe changes in their face caused by getting older, such as the development of jowls and a loss of definition along the jaw. The ideal age for a male facelift is not a fixed number, but rather a range between the ages of 50 and 60.

Why Are More Men Having Facelifts?

Refreshed Appearance:

Many males, like women, want to improve their looks. They want to look as younger on the inside as they feel on the outside. Men show the same indicators of aging as women, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss. 

Choosing any type of facial volume-enhancement can add volume to the face that shrinks due to aging. This is why a facelift is so sought after for both men and women. Also, men are more prone to loose skin and extra fat in the lower parts of their face and neck as they age. It may cause the face to appear older and produce an indistinct jawline. 

Some male patients express a desire for a facelift to seem nicer since wrinkles make them appear hostile and unapproachable as they age. It is particularly crucial for males looking for a companion, as well as those working in a client-facing profession.


Many men are undergoing cosmetic surgery to advance in their careers. It is especially true if they often engage with consumers. Men desire to be able to compete with and attract younger clients, as well as compete with their younger colleagues. 


Some guys complain that they are under pressure to seem fashionable and not look like an old man at their company. They want their clients to know they are up-to-date on technology. Unfortunately, ageism in the workplace impacts how customers see individuals. 

It is why, year after year, many men are opting for facelifts and other cosmetic surgeries to keep them appearing genuinely young and their companies running smoothly.

Differences Between A Facelift For Men And Women:

There is no variation in procedure between male and female facelift patients. The healing procedure and incision location are what distinguish a male facelift patient from a female facelift patient.

Because men’s skin is thicker than women’s, they are more likely to bleed during and after the surgery. It also leaves males more vulnerable to uncommon problems like hematomas following a facelift. Following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions and notifying them of any drugs you are taking can reduce your bleeding risks.

The area of the incision may frequently be concealed by a woman’s hair or cosmetics, although this is not always the case for males. It may make incision placement difficult, necessitating the use of a skilled and aesthetic eye. 

Beards and mustaches may help conceal scars from surgical incisions, but even facial hair can be interrupted. Facial hair follicles are sometimes dragged behind the ears, requiring some patients to shave that region as well.

Choosing A Male Facelift Surgeon

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed facelifts on both men and women is the best approach to optimize your pleasure with the results and reduce your chance of problems. Begin by searching for the ideal facelift surgeon right away to start your facelift journey.