Will I Experience A Lot Of Pain After My Nose Job?

Doctor making anthropometry for pretty lady while using calipers before surgery

It’s exciting to think about getting a nose job. A brand new nose can give you lots of confidence by making your facial features more proportionate with each other and discreetly but significantly modifying your look. However, patients frequently wonder if this cosmetic procedure hurts.

If you are getting ready for a rhinoplasty, some apprehension is common. This is because if you’ve never had one, you don’t know what to expect. During your initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will discuss your expectations, goals, and provide you with the details of the procedure. He or she will also answer any questions or concerns. Any other facial surgical procedures can be combined with a nose job and will also be discussed as well. 

What You Should Know About a Rhinoplasty

Before answering the question, “Is Getting a Nose Job Painful?” It is important to provide you with information about the procedure. 

There are various types of rhinoplasty procedures that are done. However, open rhinoplasty is the most popular nose surgery.  This technique entails creating a tiny cut between the nasal passages to enable the cosmetic surgeon to get rid of the skin from the underlying structures and modify the cartilages beneath. From this point, the skin is repositioned.

This form of rhinoplasty is often performed as an outpatient procedure. This means you will quickly recover after a few hours following your rhinoplasty.  Local anesthesia is done during the nose job surgery.   As a result, you won’t experience any pain or discomfort during your rhinoplasty procedure.

But what happens after that? Most patients want to know if they will feel pain during and after their nose job. It is critical to have realistic expectations about the healing process, as well as things you can do to reduce pain as well as discomfort.

What to Expect During the Recovery Process

It’s normal to have some bruising, swelling, and possibly minimal bleeding while recovering from a rhinoplasty. But what about discomfort? Many patients report that they experience relatively mild pain.  So, it’s more precise to talk about recovery in regards to congestionrelated discomfort.

When you awaken from anesthesia, you should expect a bad case of nasal congestion. Specifically, you should anticipate:

  • Having a clogged nose
  • Initially, only being able to breathe through your mouth
  • Having difficulty being able to smell
  • Experiencing some tension in the ear area

It’s important to also note that you will awaken with gauze as well as vaseline stuffed in your nose. This may add to the feeling of congestion. However, this will simply be extracted the following day. When it is removed, you’ll notice that you’re much more comfortable and not as congested.

How to Reduce the Pain of a Nose Job

A rhinoplasty isn’t all that painful. However, some patients may experience tenderness as a result of the sinus pressure as well as nasal congestion. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss alternatives for pain management, prior to your nose job, as well as prescribe you with pain medication. You can ask any questions or concerns during your initial consultation regarding pain and what can be done to minimize it. Believe it or not, most patients don’t even take their prescribed pain meds. Instead, they purchase overthecounter pain medication since it  sometimes suffices.

Trying to deal with the discomfort brought on by the nasal congestion could be a larger problem. An important piece of advice is to raise your head while sleeping for the first few days after your nose job. This will help you to breathe more comfortably.

A humidifier will help with the nasal congestion and help relieve throat discomfort during the recovery process. Because you will only be able to breathe through your nose for a few days after the procedure, throat discomfort is common.

The more serious symptoms you will experience during recovery are dry lips and throat. So be sure to purchase plenty of Chaptick or lip gloss, in addition to honey and tea, before your surgery. Drinking plenty of water during the recovery process can also be beneficial. Finally, get plenty of rest so that you can recover much faster and resume your normal routine.


If you are worried about pain after your nose job, know that you are not alone. Many patients are concerned about how much pain they will feel after the procedure. The truth is that you will feel some pain and discomfort, but it will pass. Nasal congestion, a dry throat, dry lips, and throat pain are the most common side effects after a nose job. A small humidifier along with pain meds will help ease the discomfort. Following your cosmetic surgeon’s recommendations is the best way to recover quickly. Contact your cosmetic surgeon right away for more information on recovery. 

If you desire a nose job but are concerned about the cost. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss financing options. Many patients opt for a nose job in Manhattan because the cost of rhinoplasty in Manhattan is not the same as other locations. So, if you are in the Manhattan area, contact a highly qualified and trained cosmetic surgeon.